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Return policy

Don’t like your item? Or maybe it does not fit? That's unfortunate, but no worries: we have a generous return policy for any and all items you have received. Let’s get into the specifics.

How do I return an item?
To return an item, fill in the return form included with your order. You can als request one by contacting us. Make sure all questions have been answered correctly, or we may not be able to process your return. Next, put the item back in the original packaging. Put both the item and the return form in a box and seal this properly. Attach the return label to the box and ship it to us from your local post office. Make sure you store your shipping confirmation in a secure place. We may ask you to present it to us and reserve the right to withhold refundment if you cannot do so.

Can I return all items?
Yes, with a few exceptions, you can return all items without stating a reason for return. These exceptions are:

  • Boxer shorts.
  • Products that have clearly been worn for other purposes than trying them on.
  • Products that are no longer in their original packaging.
  • Products that have been damaged after you have received them.

We reserve the right to withhold refundment if any of these exceptions apply to returned item(s).

Until when can I return my item(s)?
You have until 14 days after receiving your order to return items. We reserve the right to withhold refundment for item(s) returned after this period.

What will be refunded?
We will refund the full price of the item(s) you return. Shipping and payment costs will only be refunded if you return your full order. Any coupons you may have used on your order will not be refunded and cannot be used again. Shipping costs for returning an item will only be refunded if your item was damaged or wrongly delivered.

When will I be refunded?
When we have received your item, we will send you a mail and will refund your money within 14 days. If you have not heard from us in 14 days after sending us your return, please contact us.

Who pays for shipping my returns?
To return an item, you will have to pay for shipping. We will only refund these shipping costs if you return an item because it was damaged or wrongly delivered.  

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